About Terry Mcdonald

Terry McDonald is an experienced multi-published artist,as passionate about cosmetics as she is about the skin beneath the makeup. Much like a skilled painter who exercises her gifts of texture,perception, and color blends to elevate everyday scenes into a masterpiece.

Terry McDonald applies her gifts as a makeup artist to accentuate this highest form of art on the blank diverse canvassing of the human face. Hailing from the Bronx, New York, Terry's first foundation was a cream to powder compact by Victoria's Secret. At 17 years old, Terry was so impressed with the presentation of products and engagement of the Beauty Advisors, she took a job working at Victoria’s Secret and quickly became the go-to sales associate to assist clients eyeshadows and lip gloss. She went on to work as an Beauty Advisor at Clinique, where she learned the importance of skincare. Her talent blossomed over the years, leading to several high-level appointments at Sephora,Kiko Milano, and Mac.

Terry served as lead MUA for Harlem Fashion Week and other NYFW showcases as well. An experienced team leader,Terry’s focus is always on enhancing those around her, Clients as well as MUAs on her teams. She Specializes in bridal, editorial, runway, and film. This young entrepreneur also founded her own cosmetic line of products-T.McDonald Cosmetics- which she describes as “sensual, seductive, luxury, Black culture, eccentric, playful, positive.” Her philosophy is all about healing through beauty;Terry is an Artist who takes great pleasure in providing her clients with a safe space to express themself while looking their best!